Wayfair Professional Benefits – How to sign up for Wayfair Professional?

If you love to decorate homes, corporations, or offices, you need some awesome designs to work. The look you require depends on how you organize and choose products for each area.

Wayfair Professional offers a variety of furniture products to help you out. I’ll later mention its qualified businesses for better understanding.

Wayfair Professional disscounts

Whether you are an interior designer or a brand, get help to save your money and time. But before jumping to how it works, here is a quick introduction to it.

Also, you’ll get the details on its legitimacy and eligibility criteria to see whether it suits you or not. Read the full article to get an exact idea on it.

What is Wayfair Professional?

Wayfair Professional is an e-commerce site for furniture products to help businesses, brands, interior designers, and industry experts.

At first, it started with home furniture products but now provides for homes, offices, business corporations, industry experts, and brands. Whether you are a solopreneur or any other person, you can take advantage of this premium site. 

You’ll see various prices and quality, and of course, within an affordable range. It provides the opportunity for discounts as compared to the official site. Also, it has an immense range of premium worth you cannot find on a regular account.

Moreover, its official site provides furniture to individuals rather than businesses. Wayfair Professional is just the extended branch aiming to provide premium opportunities to professionals.

But before setting up the account, it’s important to discuss how legit it is to use.

Wayfair Professional Benefits

The best thing that engages many customers here is the affordable prices and discounts for premium furniture products.

You can find almost all types with a variety of benefits. Here are a few benefits of why Wayfair is an affordable option. 

1. Access To Premium Brands

Sometimes investing in long-term results is better than low or average quality. The professional program is helping businesses to get more top or premium brands for eye-catching furniture. Versatile colors and designs are present to choose the best one for you. 

2. Discount Offers

The best thing about joining a professional account is the discount they get on their desired products. Compared to the regular account, you can have a 2-3% discount on the same product.

The quality will remain the same, but the price will be lower. It is the main benefit for people purchasing from a professional account. 

3. Free Shipping

Another benefit of having Wafair professional is the free shipment of your purchases. It provides a limit of $35 purchase, at least if you want free shipping. It is another reason why people join the professional Wayfair site. 

4. Excellent Support Service

It provides efficient customer support for all premium members, whether small or big corporations. If you find any defective pieces or missing something, you can contact them within 30 days. They will quickly respond to you and tell you about the replacement. 

5. Account Management Service

Wayfair Professional provides an online manager service for its busy customers. The manager will find the products of your interest for you. Whether you need furniture for homes or offices, it will help you in any way. 

Who Is Eligible For Wayfair Professional?

It has been specially developed for different businesses to join for better and more affordable products.

The people who joined as professionals are interior designers, business owners, different brands, real estate investors, building owners, etc.

To know whether you are eligible or not, look at the below requirements and a list of professionals who can join.

Wayfair Requirements

Wayfair wants to protect its customers from scams by verifying the businesses before joining. It will verify the business’s legitimacy as a professional.

The site will ask for the following requirements while joining;

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Phone Number
  3. Employer Identification Number
  4. Your Company Name
  5. Business Tax Documents

List Of Qualified Professionals

  1. Interior Designers
  2. Business Owners
  3. Contractors
  4. Rental Building Owners
  5. Brands
  6. Real Estate Investors
  7. Trade Members
  8. Industry Experts

How To Join Wayfair Professional?

If you are eligible or qualified for the Wayfair professional, join this premium site. To get access to top brands, follow these steps carefully. 

1. First of all, visit the official website, which is wayfair.com. Here, you need to sign up to become a member. 

How To Join Wayfair Professional?

2. If you still need to sign up on the official site, Create your account by entering your email address and password. You’ll find a link to the professional account here to sign up as a professional member.

3. Scroll down to the end of the home page. Here, you’ll see a joining link on the account page. 

Wayfair Professional Account

4. It will take you to the professional account page. Enter your name and phone number to verify your business.

Wafair Professional Account Sign Up

5. You’ll also be required to enter the business information for authentic verification. Now click on the join option to get started. 

Verify Wayfair Professional

6. Next time you open your account, click on the Wayfair professional login option, and you’ll be directed to your professional account. 

Is Wayfair Legit?

Here, I covered the legality as per the reviews and values people get from it. I also tried to cover the best positive response to the current situation. The first consideration for any online e-commerce site is legitimacy.

As many people confront online scams, They need help to trust a digital entity. Many people have shared their practices at Wayfair with different perspectives. As per the reviews, it is a legitimate company for purchases. 

It is known as a credible site for furniture products along with accessories. Moreover, It is awarded multiple tags like Best Retail App and E – Retail Marketer of the Year 2017.

Some customers complain about the delayed delivery for some reason, but that’s not what makes it a scam site. 

We all know the possibility of under certain conditions to get delayed deliveries. However, they provide excellent customer support and respond whenever you approach them.

To learn more and get a visual review of Wayfair furniture products, watch this review of a customer.

Wayfair Professional Customer Support

You may find something that needs to be added or repaired when ordering something from a Wayfair professional. For this, you have to report the problem within 30 days.

Otherwise, your problem won’t be solved. Moreover, if you have any relevant product-related queries, you can contact them easily. Following are the sources to contact them.

If you don’t like the product, you can also contact them here for a refund per their policy. You have two options for the refund;

  • When you return the product, they’ll refund it to your store account within one business day after receiving the product.
  • If you want a refund in your bank account, it’ll require 3 – 5 business days after receiving the returned product.

Wayfair Professional Pros And Cons

The businesses using the professional program provided honest reviews on the professional program. Here, I’m providing some pros and cons of it as per the business’s experience.


  • There are a variety of designs for people working as interior designers. 
  • Premium products at an affordable price
  • Free delivery service
  • The opportunity of having a personal account manager 
  • Shipment of the replaced parts is free
  • Discounts on your favorite products 
  • Wayfair professional sign in is free


  • You have to pay an annual fee
  • They didn’t provide much information about return policies on their site
  • Must report problems within 30 days
  • Assembly of the product is required

FAQs Regarding Wayfair Professional

How To Get A Wayfair Professional Discount?

After joining the professional account, you unlock various features, including discounts on multiple products. Along with the 2% discount on each product, you’ll get a minimum of $35 with free shipping. 

However, if you use your credit card for purchases, you’ll be eligible for $40 off your first order. You’ll also get 3% cashback along with deals and promotions. Moreover, you can get a discount using the promo codes if you have any. 

Is Wayfair Professional Free?

To join the professional account, you must provide your name, contact, and business details to get verified and become a member.

However, to continue using the account and get the benefits, you have to pay $30 as an annual fee.
Using $30 yearly will save you money ultimately if you are a business. In addition to it, you’ll get free shipping on purchases worth more than $30.

Is Wayfair Professional Worth It?

It is developed for businesses and brands to provide premium designs and products. It is free to join, and you’ll get many advantages as a customer.

Besides the discounts and promotions, you’ll get expert advice to make the right decision.
With the virtual showroom, exclusive designs, affordable prices, and all the other benefits, it is worth using the professional account.


For the best home, office, or corporation designs, this professional program is the affordable choice you can make as a business. It provides a lot of benefits to joining the program.

The best thing is the discount and free shipping you get as a professional member. So, how to sign up for Wayfair Professional? Read the joining sections carefully. Join the Professional account now to get amazing perks.

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