Where to Buy Stamps Besides the Post Office?

No one can deny the significance of postage stamps. Whether you are a prolific letter writer, a regular snail mail sender, or a startup owner looking to save a few extra bucks on your mailing expenses, you must have wondered, “Where to buy stamps?”

Finding the right place to buy stamps can be overwhelming at times. As prices of everything are going up, stamp rates are also set to go up. CNET reported that postage prices have increased thrice since July 2022, including postcards, metered mail, and first-class stamps.

So, in the era of stampflation, where the prices of stamps continue to rise, it’s crucial to know places where you can buy stamps to get the best deals. The purpose of this comprehensive guide is to help you find easily accessible places to purchase stamps with ease, besides the post office. 

Let’s get started!

Where to Buy Stamps?

Self-Service - Kiosks

The most convenient place to buy stamps is your local post office. But the customer service line there is often too long to make this easy process look exhausting. That’s why many people prefer to avoid choosing this place to buy stamps because of inconvenience and long customer queues.

But don’t be disappointed. Here is an alternative way, “Kiosks aka stand-alone booths.” These digital self-service displays come in handy to reduce wait times. But there is a drawback to using these electronic kiosks – you cannot purchase specialty stamps. Hence, it could be a more versatile option.

Is it something to worry about? Not at all!

There are other places to buy stamps to cater to your needs and requirements. Let’s have a look into this.

What Are the Other Ways to Purchase Stamps?

Aside from the post office, there are numerous ways to pick up stamps from a wide selection.

Big-Box Retailers

Popular retailers and grocery stores are the best places to buy stamps with lots of variety, quantity, and deals. Check out designated areas like particular aisles, store signage, and signboards to find the stamps in the stores.

Some retailers carry stamp booklets, coils or rolls. Some sell in 100-count batches, making it a perfect choice for large-scale businesses. Following are some famous retail stores that sell different kinds of stamps:


Does Walmart sell postage stamps?

The stamps are found at the Money Services counters and on its website or app. Walmart’s Money Service counter operates from 7 am to 11 pm, the same as the store. At some locations, this counter remains open 24/7, making Walmart a convenient place to buy stamps anytime.

Walmart does not charge shipment fees if your order is over $35. It sells Forever and First-Class USPS postage stamps, usually in sheets, rolls, and booklets. Hence, you cannot find individual stamps at Walmart.

You can buy stamps in different designs, from basic (US flag) to seasonal (Forever and rubber stamps). At Walmart, a first-class stamp will cost you $0.58, the same rate as your local post office. However, a sheet of 10 Forever stamps will cost you $14.49, whereas a standard roll of 100 Forever stamps will cost $49.99. So, the prices vary based on sheet vs roll.


USPS - Forever Stamps at Costco

Costco also sells Forever stamps, the only first-class mail stamps you can buy and use forever for first-class mail postage, no matter how prices may change in the future.

These stamps are always sold at the same price as regular first-class mail stamps. The United States Postal Service (USPS) issues these stamps.

However, the Costco Executive Membership 2% Reward Program does not apply to Forever stamps. The limit is 10 per member.

At Costco, a self-adhesive 100-count batch of USPS first-class Forever stamps costs $65.75. The only downside is that these stamps are unavailable online at the Costco website.


Does Target sell stamps?

Target also sells stamps but in the form of a book, coil, or roll. Like Costco and Walmart, it also doesn’t carry individual stamps. The price of a booklet is $11 with 15-20 stamps.

In contrast, a first-class single stamp cost is $0.55. The only con is that you cannot buy stamps online at Target.


Stamps are available at Kroger but not on Kroger.com. It’s cheaper to buy stamps in bulk from these big retailers because they don’t sell single stamps. Kroger, like others, also doesn’t sell individual/single stamps.

The price of postage stamps at Kroger is the same as the USPS rate, which is $0.50 per stamp. But Kroger sells 20 stamps for $9.80, which means you can save $0.20 for the book.

Specialized Stamp Stores

Specialized stamp stores should be your go-to place if you love collective stamps. These stores cater to your specific needs. They offer many stamps that allow you to create an artistic collection.

You can collect from commemorative to Cinderella to definitive to traditional stamps. Some stamps also expire with time. So, you can also add those to your unique stamp collection as a memory.

Traditional Old Queen Elizbeth Stamps

Royal Mail issued that the traditional old Queen Elizabeth II stamps will expire on July 31, 2023, and will be replaced by a digital-linked barcode system. So, they advised their customers to use the traditional mail stamps before they became invalid.

Banks & ATMs

Some banks provide stamp services at their ATMs and tellers, but it’s better to ask them if they sell stamps. Wells Fargo, Fifth Third Bank, and KeyBank are some banks that used to sell stamps. Fifth Third Bank’s website used to provide a filter option to explore its nearby locations that sell stamps at ATMs.

Online Resources

Stamps.com - United States Postal Service

Many online sites also provide stamps. Stamp.com is the famous one to buy stamps online. You can use their monthly package for fantastic deals and discounts, which costs $19.99.

If you want to check it first, you can sign up for a 4-week free trial and get $5 in USPS stamps. It’s the best option for businesses who need to buy postage stamps in bulk.

For those still wondering “Where to buy stamps online?” checkout Amazon and Tanga, where you can buy stamps of different themes, types, and colors in booklet, sheet, or coil forms.

Post Office Official Website


USPS is the official post website of the US. You can find a wide selection of stamps like standard US flag stamps, collectible stamps, seasonal stamps, specialty stamps, Forever stamps, and many more. You can choose any of these based on your desired color, theme, shape, denomination etc.

For verification reasons, it’s essential to ensure you buy stamps from an authentic source. A booklet of 20 stamps costs around $12, whereas a domestic 1 oz standard envelope price is $60 at USPS.

Pharmacies & Gas Stations

Some pharmacy chains (CVS, Walgreens) and gas stations (Meijer, Shell, Chevron) also sell stamps. So, you can also buy stamps at these places while running errands. Confirm the availability and operating hours before your visit to avoid any inconvenience.

Simplest Way to Buy Stamps

Another simple and easy way to buy stamps is through the store locator. Want to find where to buy stamps near me? Here is the way.

Where to Buy Stamps Near Me?

Use USPS’s location tool to explore where you can pick up stamps. You must enter your area zip code and select “national retailer” from the drop-down location menu. It will display all the nearby results based on your current location. You can then choose any stores that sell stamps at your convenience.

Where to Buy Stamps in Bulk?

You can buy stamps in bulk from big-box retailers, USPS, Amazon, Ryman, etc. Ryman is also a suitable option to purchase a 12-pack or a 100-pack stamp.

Why Do We Use Stamp Pads?

Why do we use stamp pads? Multi-color stamp pads

Stamp pads are necessary for rubber stamps. They allow you to create a clear and lasting impression on a porous surface like paper.

For multiple stamping and crafting techniques, you need to have different kinds of stamp pads. These include classic ink pads, specialty stamp pads, and the dye or pigment-based stamp pads with various colorful options. Classic ink pads are the popular choice for rubber stamps.

Where to Buy Stamp Pads?

You can buy different kinds of stamp pads based on your needs and stamping project requirements from the following stores:

Art Supply Stores

Art and design stores often carry many stamp pads for unique artistic patterns and textures. These stores are the best go-to option for premium-quality ink pads.

Office Supply Stores

Stores that sell office or classroom materials like printers, monitors, chairs, etc., also sell stamp pads for rubber stamps.

Stationary Shops

Stationery shops are well-known for stocking stamps and stamp pads. You can get both things in one visit.

Online Retailers

You can also order stamp pads from online retailers like Sam’s Club, eBay, Amazon, USPS, etc. All these sites sell a variety of stamps and stamp pads for different applications.

Craft Stores

Craft stores are the paradise of specialty ink pads with many color options. You can find creative and handcrafted stamp pads there with an artistic touch.

How to Choose the Right Stamp Pad?

Choosing the right stamp pad is crucial in stamping to leave a lasting impression. Choose stamp pads by focusing on your project and the desired outcome. If you want ink pads for stamping, you can use quick-dry or finesse ink pads, depending on the longevity you want.

You can choose opaque pigment ink pads or water-reactive ink pads for colouring and blending. Metallic ink pads with brightly pigmented colors would be an excellent choice for detailing and blending.

Whatever stamp pads you plan to buy, remember that each caters to different project requirements. So, consider ink type, stamp size, and color according to your work needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Buy Cheap Stamp Pads?

The cheapest places to buy stamps are online sites like Amazon and eBay. These sites offer stamps at a discount price.

Where to Buy Fresh Ink Stamp Pads?

You can buy fresh ink stamp pads from Michaels, Office Depot, and Staples.

Where to Buy Custom Stamp Pads?

You can buy custom stamp pads through authorized third-party vendors like PhotoStamps, Zazzle, and PictureItPostage.

Where to Buy Stamp Pads for Thumb Impression?

You can find them at CVS, Walgreens, Amazon, Office Depot, Walmart etc.

Where to Buy Stamps for Wedding Invitation?

You can get wedding postage stamps from Amazon, USPS, and many online retailers.

Can I Buy Stamps at CVS?

Yes, CVS does sell stamps. You can buy them at the customer service counter in the pharmacy.

Can I Buy Stamps at Walgreens?

Yes, you can buy first-class Forever stamps for USPS packages and envelopes at all locations of Walgreens. However, confirming their availability beforehand is better because it can vary from location to location.

How Much Is a Book of 20 Postage Stamps?

The retail price for 20 USPS Forever postage stamps is $13.20.

Where to Buy Stamps on Sunday?

Generally, post offices are closed on Sundays. But you can still buy stamps on Sunday from Walmart, various pharmacies, and grocery stores during their working hours.


So, where to buy stamps?

Finding the most convenient place to buy stamps is just a matter of your choice. All options are just one click away through the store locator. You can visit big-box retailers, Amazon, grocery stores, or USPS to buy versatile stamps in bulk.

For smaller purchases, online retailers and post offices are better options. Remember to choose the denomination that matches your postage requirements.

Last but not least, consider buying stamps at specific locations to get accessibility to stamp pads, too.

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