How Long Does GOAT Take to Ship? [Complete Guide]

Goat is an American buying and selling platform specializing in sneakers and streetwear. It has gained popularity among sneaker enthusiasts as a household name. It’s a go-to marketplace for buying brand-new and secondhand fashion products.

That’s why it’s known as a global online platform to get your hands on the best-quality products from the present, past, and future. But one thing that confuses Goat users is the shipping process.

Do you also want to order those stylish sneakers or streetwear from Goat? Are you wondering, “How long does Goat take to ship?”. Not to worry, this article is for you!

This article will explain everything you need to know about the Goat shipping process and delivery schedule. We will also discuss the factors that influence the Goat shipping duration. After reading this article, you may know what to expect.

Let’s get started.

How Long Does Goat Take to Ship?

Generally, Goat takes 7 to 10 days to ship orders to the U.S. But it also depends on the supplier. For international orders, it takes longer than usual shipping time for the Goat package to reach the customer’s doorstep.

Apart from that, this shoe-selling online retailer also offers other options for fast delivery. These include expedited shipping options, order upgrades, and quicker local delivery.

Before placing your order, make sure to know the varying shipping timeframes. To understand “How long is Goat shipping?”, check the following table describing Goat shipping schedule:

Shipping MethodAverage Shipping Time
Standard Items Delivery7 – 10 days
Instant Items Delivery3 – 5 days
Instant Items with Next-Day ShippingOne day (order placed before 11 a.m. P.T.) Two days (order placed after 11 a.m. P.T.)
Order Upgrade (Priority)1 – 3 days
Apparel & Accessory Items Delivery7 – 10 days
International Orders10 – 24 days

This shipping timeframe does not include international shipping and shipment to military bases and P.O. boxes.

How Long is Goat Standard Item Shipping Process?

For buyers based in the U.S. or nearby locations, the average shipping time of this online fashion and sports goods platform is 7 to 10 business days.

However, the duration can extend depending upon specific circumstances like weather conditions.

On the Goat website, the Under Retail option only applies to the items with standard delivery options.

Under retail option only applies to the Goat standard items, unlike Goat instant items.

How Quickly Does Goat Ship Items with Order Upgrade?

Okay, now let’s figure out the most common query, “How long does Goat take to ship after verification?”

It only takes a little while for Goat to ship your order after authentication if you use the Order Upgrade option.

Now, what is Order Upgrade (Priority) on Goat website?

With Order Upgrade (Priority), your order receives priority processing and Next-Day shipping once it reaches one of Goat’s facilities for verification.

Hence, using this scheme, you can get your orders as fast as possible, even with standard shipping.

How Long Does Goat Take to Ship with Instant Shipping Process?

If you want Goat items quickly, opt for items designated as “shipping immediately” or “Instant Delivery.” Goat products with these labels typically reach customers within 3 – 5 days.

Goat instant item label.

Products labeled with “Instant Item” show that they do not require any verification or authentication. They come pre-verified. So, instant items save you time, and Goat delivers them directly from their distribution centers to your doorstep.

How Long Does Goat Take to Arrive at Your Doorstep with Next-Day Shipping?

Some Goat items with “Instant Ship with Next-Day Shipping” are also pre-verified and authenticated. This exciting option allows buyers to receive their orders within one business day.

Note that this offer is only valid for buyers located in the U.S.

Moreover, you can expect your Goat delivery within two business days if you place your order after 11 a.m. P.T.

How Long Does Goat Shipping Take for International Orders?

International delivery times range from 10 days to 3 weeks, depending upon each country’s unique custom clearance process.

At times, international orders may be subject to government rules and regulations. That’s why variability is expected, which can cause fluctuations in the overall shipping timeframe.

We recommend you check both Goat and your country’s applicable policies for international orders. It will help you to estimate your order shipping time accurately.

Is Weekend Shipping Available Through Goat?

Shipping on weekends or holidays entirely depends on different Goat sellers. After receiving an order, the supplier has a window of 3 business days for shipping.

It does not include weekends and holidays.

Although suppliers do have the choice to ship orders on weekends, they can do so without doing so.

How is Shipping Managed on Goat?

Goat shipping process in five steps.

Goat items undergo a series of steps before they reach the customer. Its shipping process involves the following steps:

Order Placement

First, you place your desired item order on the Goat website. Then, you close the transaction by selecting your desired shipping method during checkout.

Seller Ships Order to Goat

Once the translation is closed after the shopper placed its bid comes the role of the seller. The seller has up to 3 business days to ship your order to the Goat facility for verification and authentication.

Goat Verification

This step makes Goat stand out from its competitors. Once the seller ships the product to Goat, skilled personnel critically inspect it to ensure its originality and quality. But simultaneously, it also affects the shipping time.


After careful examination and verification, Goat ships the product to the buyer within 7 to 10 days.

Important Shipping Policies to Keep in Mind

  • After placing your order at Goat, you cannot change your shipping address. However, you can reorder with the correct address by canceling your order within 3 hours or before supplier confirmation.
  • Once Goat hands the package to the carrier, the buyer takes responsibility for any potential loss.
  • If your order is lost during shipment, depending on its discretion, Goat reserves the right to provide replacements or credit your account.
  • As a buyer, you cover the cost of sales tax, VAT, import duties, and similar charges based on your shipping address, not your billing address.
  • Also, ensure that your billing information on the Goat website or app matches your bank account records.

What is Goat Shipping Cost?

Shipping cost varies depending on the shipping method and the nature of the order. Besides the shipping cost, you also have to pay extra charges for more than one item and heavy items. Following are the shipping charges for different orders. Please have a look:

Shipping MethodShipping Cost
U.S. domestic shipping in 48 contiguous states$14.50
US domestic shipping to Hawaii & Alaska$25
Instant items with Next-Day shipping$27, plus a processing fee of up to 8% of its purchase cost
Order Upgrade (Priority)$12 (additional) plus tax

How to Track Your Goat Order?

To track your order, Goat offers a tracking tool for monitoring. To access your package information, go to your Goat account and enter your order tracking number and email address. Voila – here you get access!

Goat order tracking with order no, tracking no, and email address or phone no.

How Fast is Goat Shipping? – 7 Factors Influencing Goat Shipping Time

Always keep in mind that Goat shipping times are not definitive. They are approximate. Delays may occur due to the following factors:

1. Location of the Seller

Goat is a global platform; hence, sellers can be located anywhere. International orders from the U.S. can take weeks or even months to reach buyers.

2. Seller Verification & Processing Time

The verification and authentication process of standard products also delays the shipment process.

3. Weather Conditions

Bad weather can also cause delays in the shipment process.

4. Weekend or Holiday

Holidays and weekends are the peak times in the U.S. or any other foreign country. Placing orders during peak seasons may add a few extra days to the shipping timeline.

5. Shipping Method

Some shipping methods, like Next-Day delivery, expedited shipping options, same-day delivery, and express shipping, are quicker than traditional shipping methods.

6. Domestic vs. International Shipping

Orders within the same country are faster than international shipping, which often takes 5 to 15+ business days due to custom clearance and other factors.

7. Custom Laws

Rigid custom clearance processes, errors, labeling issues, and misclassification can cause shipment delays.

Pro Tips for Goat Users to Enhance Their Buying Experience

Following are some insider tips for faster shipping:

Choose Highly-Rated Sellers

Always opt for top reviews and highest-rating sellers who ship quickly to reduce delivery time.

Select Off-Peak Times

Shop in off-peak season to avoid delays and grab better deals.

Stay Updated with Tracking

Track your package using the provided information for better planning.

Contact Customer Support

Keep in touch with Goat customer support for help and real-time updates if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Goat Ship internationally?

Yes, but it may take a bit longer, like 5 to 15+ business days, for your order to arrive.

What happens if a seller fails to ship?

The e-commerce department will terminate the order and provide you with an explanation for the cancellation.

Can I cancel my order on Goat?

Yes, but you have to cancel it before seller confirmation.

How long does GOAT take to ship shoes?

If you are located in the U.S., it will take 3 to 10 business days for Goat to ship your shoes.

Does Goat sell fake products?

No. Goat authentication and verification steps set it apart from its competitors. Goat ensures your product’s originality before shipping it to you.

How many days does Goat take to ship from the seller?

Sellers have three business days to ship your confirmed order to the Goat facility.

How can I sell on Goat?

First, download the app. Then, complete and submit the “Request to Sell” form. After getting approval, you are ready to list your items for sale.

Where does Goat ship from?

Goat has its retailers and facilities all around the world. That’s where it ships from.

Is Goat legit?

Yes. This American online fashion and sports goods platform follows a strict verification process. Thus, all the accessory items and apparel you receive are genuine.

How do I return an item?

In the Goat app, tap “Request Return” within three days of receiving your package. Goat will credit your refund to your account after successful processing.

Does Goat offer free shipping?

No. Goat does not offer free shipping anywhere in the world.

How long does Goat take to verify and ship?

Goat follows a rigorous authentication process to check if the product is genuine. This step may take a few days. After complete verification, Goat ships the item to your given address, which may take a few more days.

Can I change my shipping address after ordering?

No. You must keep your shipping address the same after placing an order.


So, how long does Goat take to ship?

After reading this article, you may know about Goat shipment timeline and how long it takes to ship.

On average, Goat order arrives at your doorstep in 7 to 10 business days.

To speed up the shipment process, double-check your details, order instant items, opt for Order Upgrade (Priority), or choose expedited shipping.

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